How do you get from our plans to a finished furniture?


Our digital plans are to CNC machines what PDF files are to printers...

Only 3 easy steps: get the files, cut the DXF plan and put the parts together... no manuals, no assembly team, no extra costs.

1 - get the plan

Choose your model, checkout & download.

I made it easy to get the digital file most suitable to your space and materials market.

Go to the model page, choose from the available versions, securely checkout through Paypal and download the ZIP archive.

The ZIP contains the DXF file that includes all information required for a Fablab to cut the whole thing, and a preview image of the DXF file in case you want to see it and don't have the software.


2 - have it cut

A CNC machine is like a "furniture printer"... Input a digital plan and raw material to get the cut pieces as output.
Our plans are packed in an open DXF format so any maker who owns a CNC machine will be able to cut it. The maker will convert the DXF file into instructions to the CNC machine, feed it your chosen material and the thing will be ready within minutes.

There are thousands of makers all around the world, most of them able to cut our plans with a CNC machine. Simply get a plan, Google CNC, contact the closest maker and ask them for a quotation!

3 - assembly

Assembly is so easy it doesn't require a manual, hardware or tools...


from board to done thing

You'll find these in all our product listings.

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    Do you provide assembly instructions?
    Does it take any hardware or screws?
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