Came up with that spin yesterday: A bed with desk combination furniture is a quite known and useful combination for home-office or guest rooms.

Most deskbed combination systems are either a fixed bed-on-top (kind of a bunk bed) with a desk below it:

Or the hardware assisted Hidden bed which allows you to have both functions in the same space with an easy transformation.

The first one I don’t like because of its size and the height of the bed. The second one is impossible to make without using a hardware system. My approach to this is something in between. A system that is both a bed and a desk, that requires you to transform it by overturning the whole thing. This has the problem that you won’t be able to leave stuff on the desk to use the bed but I don’t think that’s critical.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Project finished! plans here: desk Bed CNC Plans.

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