Hey everyone!

I have baptized my cnc standing desk and will call it zTandingDesk! see the Z? I’m also pretty advanced in the development process.
It will be adjustable to 3 different heights so it fits range of people, and the lowest position is 80 cm which fits also as a standard sitting desk.

Below’s the lateral wireframe view of the (not finished) zTandingDesk in 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm.

I’m still thinking of ways to add more structural strength mainly for the 120 cm position.

Like it? think it’s sucks? got any ideas? feel free to whatever… below.

UPDATE: Project finished! plans here: zTanding Desk CNC Plans.


  1. Sahith on 2020-06-26 at 3:39 AM

    This is a good idea! I am looking for a convertible standing desk, and I think others would too in the current situation.
    The main thing would be how much weight this model would be able to take, especially at the tall position.

    • javier on 2020-06-26 at 12:52 PM

      Thank you! and thanks for writing, this was feeling kinda lonely lol.

      I’m still working a lot on it. I don’t think that the weight on top of the desk will be a problem but am more worried about the structural rigidity when applying pressure on the sides of the furniture because of its height and the fact it has two blocks joined in the middle of its height.
      Having said that, I’m testing some ideas for added rigidity and am very confident they’ll deliver great results.

      Will update again soon! keep in touch.

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