It’s been a pretty productive week and I made a lot of progress with my CNC racing simulator design. I’ve almost finished defining the adjustment systems and limits and I can confidently say it will end up with:

  • 4 wheel + shifter depth positions – Standard ± 100 mm
  • 6 pedals depth positions – Standard ± 150 mm
  • 4 wheel height positions – Standard ± 80 mm
  • 4 shifter height positions – Standard ± 80 mm
  • 4 pedals height positions – Standard ± 80 mm
  • 4 monitor height positions – Standard ± 80 mm

In this image you can appreciate all adjustments but the pedals height that is behind the side of the main structure:

Render of my CNC Racing Simulator project

CNC Racing Simulator project as of 2021-09-07

I’m still considering adding a new lowest position for the pedals but it messes with the base so I’m having a hard time with it. I’m also considering shifter-exclusive depth adjustment but I’m not sure it’s worth it. What do you think?

This is still a very early design version with 90% straight lines. I’ll add plenty of curves for a more modern look more like the playDesk 2 has.

📅 Update 2021-09-14 – Made huge improvements, check out all possible wheel, pedals and shifter knob position options in my new dev update here.

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