All adjustment dimensions, gaps and ranges defined. Check out this side-cut view of the sim racing cockpit with markers on the location options of the three main input devices:

Middle-cut / Side view with device position markers

Each color marker indicates a position for the input device: wheel center, shifter knob and pedals touch point.

I finally discarded the extra lower position for the pedals I was considering because it would be just too low. The height of the pedals will be adjustable to 4 levels with 40 mm gaps and most office chairs can be lifted from the lowest position I designed for anyways.

I still need to add an horizontal / lower support between both main structure sides because the only horizontal support right now (the base for the screen) is way too high and it’s lacking. It will probably end up in the front side looking kinda like a front bumper.

After that I’ll get into nesting the parts and change some straight lines for curves for a more modern look. I may end up with two versions: this one with straight lines (which I’m liking a lot), and a curvy one.

This is the latest straight-lines design version with dark gray surfaces and raw MDF edges.

Hope you like how it’s looking! Have an idea? shoot here!

📅 Update 2021-09-24 – Nested the parts to look awesome even when combining 2 different surfaces: check that out in my new dev update here.


  1. Marcelo on 2021-10-11 at 5:52 PM

    Excelente diseño! como se colocaría la silla de oficina atravesando la placa base? no veo un camino o apertura por donde pueda entrar a esa posición.

    • Javier on 2021-10-11 at 6:19 PM

      Gracias Marcelo! buena observación! para meter la silla se separa la base con las ruedas del asiento y se vuelven a unir a través del agujero en la base del cockpit. Es la forma de que quede lo más integrada y sólida posible. Todas las sillas de oficina son desarmables para enviarlas y están diseñadas para poder armarlas en casa así que debería ser bastante sencillo. Saludos!

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