I’m making good progress with my plywood racing simulator design. I didn’t want to make a classical desk adaptation simulator which is what the Logitech racing kit (with it’s 23° inclined wheel) is designed for, but to adapt it to a formula racing position (with an almost vertical wheel and butt-high pedals). Most of my work up to now has been planning the ergonomics.

I started by looking for what a formula racing position is and found the scheme below:

Racing position scheme

I followed these measures to start planning the design

Used those measures for the “standard body type” positions” and started planning the adjustments from there.

Superposed parts of the simulator's side view and the reference scheme.

Simulator vs the Reference Scheme

I still need to solve the depth adjustment fixings, design the base of the whole thing and my biggest challenge will be to design a good system for fixing the chair to the simulator so none of them move no matter how extreme the driving may get.
This is how it looks so far, it’ll change a lot as there’s a loooong way to go and I haven’t even started shaping the parts for looks or even considered the nesting into the 1220 x 2440 mm boards.

Cockpit project as of 2021-08-29 with a race gaming setup.

I’m also thinking of adding a side extension for the CPU and/or mouse pad, what do you think? Let me know in the comments section here!

There’s a new update to this project: check out Update 3.

If you don’t like racing but do plenty of gaming and could use an adjustable desk check out my playDesk 2 – Gaming Desk CNC Plans.

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